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Meals With Marie started as a way to help people with illnesses learn a more nutritious way to eat and still LOVE the foods they were eating. It has blossomed into 'healthy nutritious eating for both the healthy and the ill', because exceptional tasting foods, with life-fulfilling ingredients, is what every last one of us 'thrive on'.


Hippocrates said, "Let food be Thy medicine, and medicine by Thy food," and Meals With Marie is the perfect embodiment of that Hippocratic model.


In addition to being a phenomenal Chef, Marie is an exceptional human being. By exceptional, I mean, a human being who actually LIVES what other people just talk about and on top of that, she has a God-given talent for mouthwatering, finger-smackin' food that is just too good to resist.


A list of unending talents and creativity appear fruitless when we're talking about food, however, Marie mixes those talents, that creativity, and a massive dose of love in each and every dish she creates. She also has access to an array of International Chefs that help to interject practically any dish you can think of from around the globe.


From Marie's own playbook, she says: "I have a deep passion for food, catering and wine. I'm convinced that it's easy to succeed and excel when doing what you absolutely love and what drives your passion."


Marie's MyTable experience of cooking as a Chef in Los Angeles, and her experiences with catering and cooking for parties, has lead Marie to her dream of becoming a viable business that enhances the lives of others, as "Meals With Marie", becomes a household name for organic, delicious & healthy cuisine that can come straight to your doorstep, or wherever your imagination can take you.